As almost everyone knows, I am a teacher. Therefore, I am including a list of links that may be of use in the field of education. Most of the links will only be useful to teachers. However, there will be a few that will be useful to students...

Education Links

MSTA: Missouri State Teachers Association
Internet Public Library: 1000's of Newspapers
Southwest Baptist University: Bolivar, MO
Cyber Teachers: Lots of teacher stuff
Educational Placement: New job, anyone?
St. Olaf: Classroom e-mail pals
School Directory: Find any school
Teacher Magazine: Current Events
Retirement System: State of Missouri only
Dictionary: Look up words...
Medscape: Look up medical info
MO Conservationist: Nature magazine
Weekly Reader: There's more here than just the periodical
Encarta: Encyclopedia
Altavista Babelfish: Translate from one language to another!
Dictionary of Mountain Talk:
Teaching Tips: First Day Tips, etc.
Positive Parenting: Practical suggestions
Classroom Management: Helpful Hints
First Year: Tips for that first day!
Successlink: Grad Credit for lesson plans
Teachers Dot Net: Chatboards, Information

The best two sites on the web