So you want to get rich, huh? All you have to do is search through these links, choose some appropriate investments, then simply wait for the money to come rolling in!

Investment Links

BP: British Petroleum
Forbes Magazine: Advice
Taipan: taipanmember6 6monkeys
Business Week Magazine: Advice
Bob Brinker: Investment Guru
Motley Fool: Quotes, Advice
Smart Money Magazine: Quotes, Advice
Vanguard No Load Mutual Funds: Low expense ratios!
Stockmaster: Quotes, Charts
Lycos Investment Site: Manage your investments
Nightly Business Report: Changes daily; Advice; News
Moneypaper: DRIP Investing
Bob's Chat Line: Chat about investments
MoneyWorld magazine: Advice, Research...Password:money
Morningstar: Research, Advice
Datek: Online Trading: Low Price, High Quality
Aquila Energy: Long term utility investment: Formerly Utilicorp
US Bank: A dividend-paying bank
Guaranty Federal: Small, dividend-paying bank
Utility Forecaster: mrgreer frances