Ladies and gentlemen, hoboes and tramps! Cross-eyed mosquitoes and bow-legged ants. Here I stand before you, not behind you; to address you, not to undress you; to tell you a story I know nothing about: Christopher Cucumber sailed a snail down the Mississloppy River to reach his detention. If you don't believe this story, ask the blind man. He saw it all!

Try these!

Disney: Hours of entertainment
Cartoon Network: All your favorites are here. Well, most of them.
Lissa explains: 6th grader tells you how to make web pages
Cyber Kids:
Sports Illustrated For Kids:
Wacky Scientist: Fun science for those rainy Saturdays
Hotmail: Get your own free email address.
Enchanted Learning: Astronomy, Jokes, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes...
4 Kids: Interesting things to read and do
Bonus for Kids: Super Site for Kids
Cartoon Corner: Learn how to draw cartoons and more.
CBC for Kids: Interesting stuff
Discovery for Kids: Strange, crazy, but cool
Earth and Moon viewer: Actual photos from space!
Fun Brain: Fun quizzes and mind games
Funology: Magic tricks, jokes, recipes, and more
Funschool dot com: Especially for 5th and 6th graders
Funster: Two player word games
Grand Illusions: Optical illusions, scientific toys, magic
Grandpa Tucker's rhymes and tales: Silly rhymes, fun stories
National Geographic for kids: Animals, oceans, all sorts of stuff
Trivia quizzes: Test yourself against 1000's of other kids
Scanning Electron Microscope: See some gross stuff close-up!
Why Files: Learn how things work.
Thinks dot com: Word games, puzzles
Time Machine: Learn what happened long ago.
Planet Zoom: Especially for kids
World Village for kids: Games and puzzles
Yahooligans: Web Guide for kids
Yucky Kids: The yuckiest site on the web
Zu Zu: Fun stuff for kids by kids
Chem 4 Kids: Learn about chemistry!
Cool Science: Cool science for curious kids
Disappearing Dinosaurs: Learn all about those ancient monsters
Myth Web: Learn about those ancient heroes and monsters
Make a splash with color: Beautiful
NASA Kids: Space stuff for kids
Oceanography: All about the oceans
Story fun: Write a silly story online!
Musuem of unnatural history: Try it. You'll like it.
Windows to the universe: Fantastic space site
Where in the world?: Geography games
Toucan Sam: Rain forest stuff
Sciencespot: Especially for kids
Brain teasers: Test your skills here.
Neo Pets: Get a free virtual pet.
Doll Z Mania: Make online dolls. Fantastic fun for girls.

What would you like to do now?

Smell some dirty socks.:
Learn how to stack greased BB's.:
Write a letter to Santa.:
Clean out my belly button.: