Monkey Mann

Monkey Mann is the story of a first year biology teacher that gets into trouble for revealing to his students some of the problems with the theory of evolution. What follows is the front cover of the book, the description on the back of the book, the forward, and ordering information. I am publishing this book myself, so it is not available on Amazon or any other similar website.

Monkey Mann

Jerry Mann has known all of his life that he was destined to become a biology teacher. None of the courses he took in college, however, prepared him for what was about to happen. As he attempts to reach out to some of his students, he finds himself embroiled in the creation-evolution controversy. He knows there are many unanswered questions about evolution, and he feels a great responsibility to see that his students see both sides of the issue. How far is he willing to go for his belief in Creationism? Can he find a reasonable compromise between the school board, who insists that he teach evolution, and his faith in an all-powerful, omniscient, God?


Most Christians I know are conspicuously silent when the subject of evolution arises. They know that the church has traditionally stuck with the creation model, while the public schools now insist on the infallibility of evolution. Recently, many books have been published which attempt to expose the many problems of Darwinís famous theory. Much good information is contained within the pages of those books. However, few people have the time or the inclination to read books that they think will contain technical language. Therefore, most people simply choose to remain completely at the mercy of those who would have us believe that all life is merely the result of a series of fantastic evolutionary advances. The theory of evolution, then, continues to gain acceptance with very few challenges. I decided to write this book for those people who would like to know about some of the major problems with the theory of evolution, but who do not want to commit to reading long, complicated explanations. This book is the story of a first year biology teacher who gets into trouble for bravely challenging some of evolutionís basic tenets. Through the daily life of Mr. Mann, the main character, many troubling aspects of evolution are discussed. Rather than use a textbook style approach to the subject, however, I have chosen to weave the information about evolution into Mr. Mannís story. The book is neither long nor complicated. After you finish it, it is my hope that you will be able to say that the book is a novel way to learn about some of the problems with evolution.

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