Here are some useful links for those of you interested in Bible study or prophecy. Although I believe in the premillenial Biblical view of future events, I have included several sites that may not completely agree with my viewpoint. Check out these links and decide for yourself...

Try these links...

Jack Van Impe: My favorite prophecy site
UFO's and Crop Circles: Genesis 6 Commentary
Grant Jeffrey: Bible Prophecy Scholar
Christian Answers: Bible Stuff
Int'l Intelligence Briefing: Hal Lindsey
Fatima: The well-known miracle
Native American: Prophecies
This Week: Bible Prophecy
Interviews: Bible Prophecy
Art Bell: Weird stuff: UFO's, Ghosts, etc.
ICR: Creation Research
New Paradigm: UFO's Demons, and Prophecy!!
Yeshua the King: All sorts of info on end times
I Am America: Is the USA doomed???
Bible Links: Hundreds of them!
Bible Dictionary: Look up things about the Bible
Study Bible: Commentary, Sermons, Explanations
Access Research Network: Info on Evolution vs. Creation
Creation vs. Evolution: Begin your study here.
The Gospel of Barnabas: Controversial, but here it is...
The Gospel of Thomas: Also controversial
Anecdotes: Material for speeches
Bible Lesson 1: Short lessons from various Bible passages.

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