To listen to the radio while you surf, you must have at least two windows open. One window is the surfing window, the other is the radio window. You must also have something like RealAudio, which is available on the web. To listen to the radio, simply select a station, go to it and find the spot to click to begin listening. Then minimize the window, and open another windowon which you will surf. Cool, huh?

Available stations

KTTS: Country
WWONE Dayton: Classics, Big Band
WKSL Memphis: Top 40
Satellite: Christian Rock
WOGT Chattanooga: Oldies
KCMO Kansas City: Dr Laura, Art Bell, Mike Reagan,etc
KTNT Okie City: Jazz, Easy Listening
KSKY Dallas: Christian Talk and Music
Praise: Christian Music and Talk
Real Audio: Download Real Audio FREE