Right Wing Wacko Sites

Since I am basically a Right Wing Wacko, I figured I should include a list of sites that I find useful for maintaining my narrow-minded, myopic view of the world. Be advised, however, that if you believe in such things as redistribution of income, abortion rights, affirmative action for homosexuals, higher taxes, more liberal welfare programs, or censoring God in any way, and you choose to go to any of these sites, you may be highly offended, because these sites, in general, promote God, monogamy, responsiblilty for one's own actions and creationism.

Right Wing Wacko Links

Michael Reagan:
American Family Association:
Focus on the Family:
Phyllis Schlafley:
Youth Ministry:
World Net Daily:
Washington Times:
Arkansas Train Deaths!: Unsolved Mena Crime
Creation vs. Evolution: Begin your study here.
Serious Stories: My personal collection
Priests for Life:

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