Track 2001

Here are some scenes from Emily's 2001 track season. Notable successes are: The team won conference for the 8th consecutive time, the 4 X 200 team for which Emily ran anchor set a new school record, Emily took the maximum 4 events to state, the 4 X 800 team for which Emily ran anchor placed 4th at state, and Emily placed 5th at state in the open 800.

Important Notice

There are about 40 pictures from the 2001 track season. The ones on this page are from a local track meet held in Aurora. To view the other pictures from 2001, please use the handy-dandy links provided at the bottom of this page. And thank you.

The pictures on this page reveal what track is really all about. This was the anchor leg of a 4 x 200. My very good friend Natalie and I were running as hard as we could to try to win. When the race ended, you can see that we were both still good friends, even though I apparently had a longer nose. (You figure that out.) Where are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place teams, you ask? Well, they're back there somewhere. Too far back to get in the pictures.

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