State Track Finals 2001

I was fortunate to get to take four events to the State Finals in 2001: The 4 X 200, the 4 X 400, the 4 X 800, and the open 800. The 4X2 and the 4X4 failed to get past preliminaries, so I am including only pictures from the 4X8 and the open 800. The first pictures are of the starting of the 4 X 800, a race in which we won a 4th place medal. (The top 8 out of the 16 teams got a medal. Remember, we had placed 1st at Districts and 3rd at Sectionals.) You will see Kristen getting ready to run, Kyla running one of her laps, and Jennifer on her first lap. (I am standing in the middle, near the bottom, in yellow, waiting my turn.) The last picture in this section is Jennifer handing off to me for the final two laps.

Finishing up the 4 X 800

The first picture is of me running the first lap. The big photo is me as I pass a bunch of people. The others are shots of the awards ceremonies.

The 800

The first picture includes Jennifer, Kyla, Coach Doss, Emily, and Kristen. This is the team that won a 4th place medal in the 4 X 800. The next two pictures are the beginnings of the open 800 meter final. The big picture shows me in lane two of the super-alley. I was assigned that spot because I had the fifth best qualifying time at Sectionals.

The race and following ceremonies

The first photo is the mob as the super-alley and the inside track come together after the final turn of the first lap. The other photos are of the race and the ceremonies. Notice that Brandie from Branson was first, Kelly from Seneca was third, and I was fifth. I think there are 8 districts, so ours was obviously the toughest one. One of the pictures is of Kelly and me cooling down. The race is over, she beat me, and we're still good friends. That's track. The last two pictures, of course, are of me and Coach Doss.

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